Witchy Holidays

Good morning my dark beautys! The holidays are over. Did you all get the things you wished for? Well, I got the most of them. One of them you can “see” in the picture above. A beautylight (ringlight) and 2 studio lights. So, finally better pictures on instagram and my other social networks ;) I only need an extra room for all the photography-stuff now… Or change our extra room we have for guest, to use it as selfie-room. Who knows \o/

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Die liebe Melanie von umecken.de schrieb mich über Twitter an, ob Sie eines meiner Selfie-Bilder als Vorlage zum zeichnen nutzen dürfe. Natürlich durfte Sie es. Es kommt nicht oft vor dass eines meiner Bilder als Inspiration dient, weshalb ich mich sehr darüber freute. Welches Bild als Vorlage dienen durfte und die einzelnen Zeichnungsschritte könnt ihr auf ihrer Homepage nachlesen ^_^  Klickt hier! 

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Halloween 2016

How did you celebrate Halloween this year? My husband and I invited some friends for a horror-movie night with pizza and some selfmade snacks (by me). We watched “Ouija”, “Housebound” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” (Classic). I was dressed as the girl from “The Ring”. Or maybe “The Grudge”? I don´t know. As a scary little asian girl with messy long hair :,D But now: Pictures!

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[Photography] Halloween Harley

I am following the “Harley Quinn” Cosplay-Trend.  But I tried an other Version of it. A Halloween/Gothic-Version of Harley.  I am in love with the end results ^_^ But this is not gonna be my Halloween costume ;p

Thanks Stephan Lau for the following pictures:

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