How did you celebrate Halloween this year? My husband and I invited some friends for a horror-movie night with pizza and some selfmade snacks (by me). We watched „Ouija“, „Housebound“ and „Nightmare on Elm Street“ (Classic). I was dressed as the girl from „The Ring“. Or maybe „The Grudge“? I don´t know. As a scary little asian girl with messy long hair :,D But now: Pictures!

Some spooky cookies. Well, my husband made a nerdy one. #Fallout :,D

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Kitschautorin · 2. November 2016 um 18:40

I didn’t celebrate at all. I live in Lower Saxony and we don’t have all the cool holidays you have :P But your pictures are nice :)

t. · 17. November 2016 um 22:19

Die Snacks sind ja liebevoll gemacht!

Haha, dein Halloween-Kostüm ist einfach ich jeden Abend vorm Schlafengehen.:O

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