Winter White Mochi <3

Say hallo to our new little family member- Mochi ♥ She´s a dwarf hamster. Such a cutiepie! It´s the first week in her new home so she´s still a bit shy. We read a lot about “Dzhungarian Dwarf Hamsters” because my husband and I wanted a new animal for so long. But we are both working fulltime. So, which animal? The “Winter White Dwarf Hamster” suits us perfectly! She´s sleeping the whole day (when we are at work) and after work we are at home for our little Mochi! I hope she´s having a nice time with us. Unfortunately, it´s hard to make good pictures of her. She´s either in her little house or running through her cage! But I can wait! ;)

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Halloween 2016

How did you celebrate Halloween this year? My husband and I invited some friends for a horror-movie night with pizza and some selfmade snacks (by me). We watched “Ouija”, “Housebound” and “Nightmare on Elm Street” (Classic). I was dressed as the girl from “The Ring”. Or maybe “The Grudge”? I don´t know. As a scary little asian girl with messy long hair :,D But now: Pictures!

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[Photography] Halloween Harley

I am following the “Harley Quinn” Cosplay-Trend.  But I tried an other Version of it. A Halloween/Gothic-Version of Harley.  I am in love with the end results ^_^ But this is not gonna be my Halloween costume ;p

Thanks Stephan Lau for the following pictures:

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