The Force is strong in Munich

Guys, I am officially part of a Star Wars fan movie and I can´t believe that! It was very spontaneous and I am so glad a friend asked me. It was my first experience in the “movie” world – and it was so thrilling! Everyone was so kind and everybody had so much fun!  Well, I can´t tell you much more about that and I am not allowed to show you any more pictures. But I will tell you when it´s out for download or when they report about it in german TV ;p Stay tuned!
And thanks to husband for the last-minute trip to Munich to make one of my dreams come true <3

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  1. @Nummer Neun / @Shirisu: Sobald Infos bekannt gegeben dürfen, werde ich hier darüber berichten ;)

    @Guddy: Also meine sind von Amazon :D Keine besondere Marke. Einfach nach “grünen Boots” gesucht xD

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